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    3. 中保投資有限責任公司
      Investment Projects
      Raised RMB 40bn and invested in the target company’s offshore project, supporting the national strategy of “The Belt and Road Initiatives” and natural resource reserve plan
      Raised RMB 15bn as FoF, aligned with Shanghai Pudong Development Group and Lujiazui Group to set up “China Insurance Pudong Urban Development Equity Investment Fund” Invested in Shanghai’s infrastructure construction projects, assisting overall coo
      Raised RMB 30bn as FoF, aligned with Shanghai Shuangchuang Investment Group to set up “China Insurance Shanghai Urban Development Investment Fund”, targeting Shanghai urbanization, public hospital reform, pier reconstruction etc
      Total RMB 50mn raised from insurance industry Formed a “Government + Insurance + Investment + Industry” model Aided ~500 farms and ~1,800 farmers